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We’re a UK-based software development company specialising in creating websites & applications for both local & worldwide audiences. Our software is fast, reliable & secure and always features a functional and easy to use user interface & experience.

We develop & run a number of products & services which are used by thousands of users all in over 40 countries. Take a look at any of the apps below for more info:

  • Sirportly

    Customer helpdesk platform

  • Codebase

    Code & project management

  • Deploy

    Server deployment platform

  • Deliver

    Incoming & outgoing e-mail

  • Dial 9

    VoIP & telecoms solutions

  • NotiApp

    Desktop notification tool

  • Telecoms

    Telecoms solution in a box

  • We also work on a number of other smaller tools & apps, which you can find on our applications page.

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  • Using Sirportly has made a massive difference to our workflow, so now we can spend less time fighting with our helpdesk software and more time supporting our customers. Particularly helpful are the integration features that the aTech team implemented which tie Sirportly into our billing system and lets us see all the key information about our customers in one place. The support that we've received from the team at aTech has been nothing short of incredible, whether it's for configuration issues, fixing bugs or implementing feature requests. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Sirportly! — Edward Dore, Freethought Internet
  • As a standalone product, Deploy is fantastic, but when you combine it with other aTech products (Codebase & Sirportly), it's an integral tool for our team. — André Tanguy, OceansHQ

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